April Roundup

Friday, May 06, 2016

Goodbye April! | Adios Abril!

1- Take a look at the dreamcatcher I made for Adventures in Making Month's DIY Craft Challenge | Miren el atrapasueños que hice para el reto mensual de Adventures in Making.

2- I started knitting some weeks ago and these are some of the projects I'd like to be able to knit | Comencé a tejer a dos agujas hace unas semanas y estos son algunos de los proyectos que espero poder realizar.

3- I took advantage of the nice weather to take some pictures of some of the scarves I've been crocheting | Aprovechando el buen clima para sacar fotos a las bufandas que estuve tejiendo.

4- Where do you store your yarn? Here are some ideas to inspire you | Donde guardan su lana? Aquí hay algunas ideas para inspirarlos.

5- A really simple crochet bow with leftover yarn | Un moño super simple con restos de lana.

6- You'll fall in love with this gorgeous Blush Rose Scarf | Se van a enamorar de esta Bufanda Blush Rose.

7- Grey is the new colour of the I think... section | Gris es el nuevo color de la sección I think...

8- These are the photos I chose for the third month of the Photographic Challenge 12 + 4.0 = 16 | Estas son las fotos que elegí para el tercer mes del reto fotográfico 12 + 4.0 = 16.

9- Read about my first Granny Blanket. Hope you like it as much as I do! | Lean sobre mi primer Manta Granny. Espero que les guste tanto como a mí!

10- Learn how to join granny squares using this marvellous technique | Aprendan a unir cuadraditos granny usando esta maravillosa técnica.

Hello May! | Hola Mayo!

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2 comentarios

  1. All so lovely !!! Are you liking the knitting ?

    1. Thank you Maura! Yes, I am!!! But I've had no free time to start a knitting project yet :(


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