Creating your Ideal Workspace

Sunday, November 08, 2015

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time working from home at your desk…so stop what you’re doing for a minute and look around. What do you see? Did you personally organize your working space? Are there any decorations? Is your desk tidy or messy? Can you look at a beautiful landscape from where you are? Are there any plants?

Even though the ideal is different for everyone, these five factors are very important because they have psychological effects on how we work and how productive we are.
Moving to a new house and city gave me the opportunity to design my workspace from scratch. When doing so, I tried to consider all those elements as well as leave my mark. Because I believe that a space tells a lot about the user’s personality.

When I look around I see a space completely arranged by me. This control over the organization of the room and distribution of the furniture makes me feel I own the space, that I'm identified with it and I’m comfortable in it.

I love decorations so I can’t have a bare office because it doesn’t reflect who I am. I feel more creative and productive if I’m surrounded by color and different shapes. In my workspace I have a shelf unit full of my amigurumi and crochet decorations. Garlands and pompoms bring color into the room.

Shaping your workspace is vital in order to feel happy and comfortable in it. So having a tidy desk sometimes is not that important. In my case, my desk is messy when I’m creating, when I’m designing a new crochet character. Surrounding myself with lots of yarns, papers, colored pencils and my laptop makes me feel more imaginative. But when I have to do the most tedious part of my work, which is sewing all the parts of the amigurumi together, I prefer a tidy desk. I need an organized and neat area to work in. As you can see from the picture, I’m not creating a new character as my desk is completely clear.
A storage place is of significant importance to me. I have two baskets, a big one where I store my yarn supply and a small one where I put my WIP.

Now I’ve reached to the most restorative and beneficial factor: a window with a view. I think that the picture speaks for itself. Everybody knows that a walk in nature has a calming effect so why don’t use nature as a stress reliever? Having a window with a view of a natural landscape recharges my mind every time I feel tired or overwhelmed. Having natural light is also very necessary.

Last but not least, bringing a little nature inside the office surely optimizes your workspace. Investing in indoor plants is as healthful as viewing a landscape. In my case, I have a nopal in a terracotta pot and some crochet cactus.

To sum up, I really love my workspace as it has everything I need. But if you find working from home a struggle, you should try a shared workspace. WeWork provides shared office spaces and conference rooms to startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and even large companies. The coworking spaces are located in major cities across the U.S., Europe and Israel. There are 56 shared office locations  in 17 cities.

What is great about WeWork is that they build physical and virtual communities where entrepreneurs can share office services and they also have the opportunity to work together. WeWork provides you with the space, community, and services you need to make a life, not just a living.

If you want to know more about the beautiful and collaborative workspaces they offer, don’t forget to visit the WeWork website.

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